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We offer direct delivery services which includes and not limited to:

Our services

Overseas Delivery

Overseas Delivery: Overseas service solutions are offered and our trained courier specialists are available to determine which of our delivery options fit your time-critical needs. We will ensure the safe delivery of your time-sensitive packages. We can accommodate your Overseas courier service needs, whether large or small one, a few or many packages to or from multiple locations.

Having reliable and on- time Overseas package delivery at an affordable price is what sets SBI Express apart from the rest. Being a Overseas courier service that you can trust is essential in todays fast paced business world. Leading ordering and tracking technology coupled with professional service makes us the courier delivery partner you need when your packages have to be across the city or across the country.

Intracity Delivery

We provide same-day, on-demand, door-to-door delivery services using our Intra-city delivery systems. For many of our intra-city deliveries, we use our own fleet of vehicles to provide same-day service. Because every city has its own unique time and space limitations, we plan routes and schedule pick-ups and drop-offs accordingly. Besides, we also offer local and regional distribution services which encompass recurring, often daily, point-to-point deliveries or multi-destination deliveries that require intermediate handling.

Intercity Delivery

Inter-city Delivery: Our Inter-city delivery service is similar to our intra-city delivery service.

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